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Key Points

January 25, 2021

  • In today’s Recommendations for Industry, we discuss the new administration’s federal strategy for COVID-19 worker protections.

  • On Thursday, The White House released a new Executive Order on Protecting Worker Health and Safety, which outlines actions the federal government must take to reduce the risk that workers may contract COVID-19 in the workplace. Actions include “partnering with state and local governments to better protect public employees; enforcing worker health and safety requirements; and pushing for additional resources to help employers protect employees.”

  • CDC has tweaked recommendations for the second dose of COVID-19 vaccinations (without data) to note that in extreme circumstances, the second dose can be another vaccine. TAG encourages employers to work with public health authorities to find a consistent and reliable source of vaccines so that this practice isn’t necessary.

  • Bharat Biotech’s BBV152 COVID-19 Phase 1 vaccine data “shows it is safe and immune-producing.”

  • A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that despite the push to get people vaccinated, 6 of 10 U.S. adults don’t know when they’ll get the COVID-19 vaccine; while 55% do not know where they will be able to receive one. However, the public is generally optimistic about the COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Read more of the report here.

  • Like other countries, the U.S., in order to slow the spread of the new COVID-19 strains, will soon place non-U.S. citizen travel restrictions to and from South Africa.

Recommendations for Industry

Watch for Federal Guidance COVID-19 Worker Protections

With the new administration moving forward quickly on COVID-19 response (as outlined in the 200-page National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness issued last week, TAG is recommending that businesses keep a close eye on the actions and publications of the Biden Administration.)


The strategy includes plans for the federal government to undertake action to protect workers and issue stronger worker safety guidance. Among the items were an Executive Order Protecting Worker Health and Safety directing OSHA, in consultation with CDC, to:

  • Issue updated guidance on COVID-19 worker protections. This guidance is to be released within two weeks and provide a foundation for businesses to understand how to keep their workplaces safe.

  • Assess the need for emergency temporary standards. Immediately start work to determine whether to issue emergency temporary standards, which would create enforceable requirements to protect workers. If issued, this standard would direct employers to adopt plans to keep workers safe and healthy, and make clear how those standards are enforced by OSHA


Additionally, OSHA is to strengthen its enforcement efforts, launching a National Emphasis Program to focus enforcement resources on workplace violations that put the largest number of workers at serious risk. President Biden has also called on Congress to provide additional funds to bolster enforcement efforts.


With these expanded directives for worker safety, compounded by the continuing spread of the variants in the U.S., TAG recommends that all businesses continue all protections and assess their programs for true worker safety.


Although vaccines are rolling out, a new model by scientists at Columbia University is showing that regardless of vaccines, a premature relaxation of current risk mitigation measures would lead to a significant number of additional infections in the US before mid-summer. As the article states, “if precautions like working remotely, limiting travel, and wearing masks are relaxed too soon, it could mean millions (29 million) more infections and thousands more deaths.”

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Source: New York Times


So, keep doing what you’re doing and keep an eye on the administration as well as the case trends in your geographic areas.

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