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Due to the high number of inquiries received and the continuous developments regarding the virus, TAG is offering COVID-19 Retainer Packages to businesses concerned with the impact of this outbreak.

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Downloadable COVID-19 Resources 

Updated: November 18, 2020 (updates in red below)

Please find all downloadable resources for COVID-19 below.

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Available Resources (available languages): 

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  • English (PDF)

  • Spanish (PDF)

  • Portuguese (PDF)

  • French (PDF)

  • Vietnamese (contact Lily)

  • Chinese (contact Lily)

  • Russian (contact Lily)

Other formats: PNG available upon request

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Other formats: PDF for Viewing and JPG versions available upon request

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Other formats: PDF for Viewing and JPG versions available upon request

  • English (PDF)

  • Spanish (PDF)

  • Portuguese (PDF)

Other formats: PNG available upon request

Updated: May 19, 2020


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  • English (PDF)

  • Spanish (coming soon)


  • English (PDF)

  • Spanish (PDF

  • Portuguese (PDF)

  • French (PDF

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