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Environmental contaminants have proven to be the cause of food contamination leading to numerous recalls. Not only is controlling environmental risks in the food facility and being able to demonstrate effective control through a robust environmental monitoring program (EMP) a critical part of a food safety program — it has become a regulatory requirement under both the U.S. FDA and USDA/FSIS, as well as Canada’s CFIA. For all of these, a well-thought out, risk-based testing program will serve as a critical verification tool for your company.


TAG EMP Services

TAG’s experienced team can help lower your operational and regulatory risks through the assessment of your facility’s effectiveness of cleaning, sanitation, employee hygiene, and product/process flow.

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  • Online and on-site training sessions, webinars and seminars

  • Environmental monitoring and control program development or review and validation of your written program

  • Review of in-house or contract lab testing, test results, data analysis and documented corrective actions

  • Onsite program reviews

TAG Offers

(cleaning/sanitation, allergen control, pathogen control, chemical and physical risk prevention, etc.)    

  • Assessment of GMPs, facility/process flow and cross-contamination control

  • Mock regulatory inspection and sampling

  • Crisis Management including support for internal and recall investigation support, regulatory data review and response 

  • Merger and acquisition regulatory, operational, and brand risk due diligence

  • Industry and regulatory insight on environmental and food testing method and software developers

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Business Synergies

Through these services, TAG will help you develop mitigating strategies; reduce loss of productivity due to downtime from spoilage, allergen, and pathogen contamination; and help you develop a customized environmental monitoring program designed to seek and destroy environmental contaminants. TAG can work directly with the project team(s) or third-party contractors, and/or provide training to your internal project team(s). Contact us today!

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