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An efficient and effective recall management plan is predicated on having a good product tracking system and knowing “at the click of a mouse” who got which products, and when, at any given time. But a good plan also has a written recall strategy and initiation procedures, well-trained personnel, cohesive communication – and a well-developed, quick-response crisis management plan.

When a recall or other crisis occurs, rapid response is key. TAG can review and improve your current program; assist in the development of brand- and reputation-protecting recall and crisis management plans; and provide a 24/7, rapid-response crisis line along with post-crisis support to get you back in the game as quickly as possible.

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  • Rapid-response crisis and recall support, through a 24/7 toll-free crisis line, to minimize brand damage, monetary loss, and other recall-related consequences. 

  • Recall and crisis management plan assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses, then work with your team to develop custom policies, procedures and supporting tools.

  • Crisis communication review and strategy for the development of a robust plan and key templates that can be leveraged in a crisis.

TAG Offers
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  • Guidance on performing a health hazard evaluation, determining scope and depth of a recall, and developing recall and communication strategies.

  • Program assessment with an eye toward best-in-class industry practices, effective brand protection strategies, and compliance with forthcoming regulatory requirements. 

  • Recall and crisis simulation with a one-day onsite training and recall/crisis simulation utilizing a realistic, tailored “real-life” recall and crisis simulation scenario.

Business Synergies

If your product is ever implicated in an outbreak or you experience a recall, you risk a loss of revenue, business opportunities and customer loyalty, requiring you to restore your brand. To help prevent such an occurrence, TAG brings its expertise to your company to evaluate your current practices and policies and procedures that may have led to the need for a recall and to identify new preventive measures and controls that will enhance operations, maintain compliance and protect your brand.

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