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Since the onset of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and continuing through business recovery, the food industry has faced extraordinary challenges in its efforts to continue to produce safe and quality food – while protecting the health and safety of its workers.
Those challenges have included work-from-home requirement orders, exclusion of visitors, and an inability to perform the operational oversight and assessments needed to mitigate risk and protect your brand.
To assist food facilities in both COVID-19 protection and business continuity, TAG has developed an exclusive virtual assessment technology: TAGin. Utilizing innovative smart glass technology, TAG can continue to provide the worldwide food-supply expertise and guidance its clients have long valued – remotely.  We can assess your unique situation, address gaps, and deploy best practices to help you through this challenging era


TAGin Service


TAGin provides real-time, hands-free communication from any location. Through a browser-operated portal, the wearer and organizer can communicate using a hands-free two-way audio and visual display, and capture recordings or images. Other participants are able to connect as attendees to view and communicate through the portal, for which a secure link is provided by the meeting organizer. 


TAG-In can provide services such as:

  • Farm and facility assessments

  • Remote expert assistance 

  • Internal food safety audits

  • Quality inspections

  • Supplier quality calibration

  • Remote training

  • Crisis assistance

  • And more

TAG provides access to the TAGin technology through TAG-provided:

  • Google Glass Unit

  • Power Pack 

  • Mifi Router 

  • Service & Support​

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Through our customized solutions, TAG can help you recover from this evolving food safety climate to manage the situation, effectively protect your workforce, and enable business continuity while limiting potential brand damage and monetary losses.

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